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Backed by bright
minds on a mission to Reinvent Retail™

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Technology to empower customers.

Our customers are our driving force. We’re creating products that give you more time back, and more choices when and where you choose to shop.

Tools to grow businesses.

We believe in creating products with tangible business valuable. It’s our business to create great technology to support and grow your business.

The future is digital.

Digital transformation is continuing to integrate into every part of our lives, and we’re on top of it so you don’t have to be. You focus on your business and let us handle the technology.

Our vision

is to create a more efficient and more connected retail environment that transforms merchants into a new age of retail where your online and in-person experience better reflects the habits and behaviors of 21st century customers.
We are Reinventing Retail™ for the better, for good.
We are TAGR

‘Speed, convenience and safety are essential to the in-store checkout experience in the new normal. Merchant Warrior believes in the transformative potential of contactless payments for retail, and we are excited to support TAGR in helping consumers just snap, pay and go with cutting-edge payment technology.’
Raky Pathak / Founder & CEO merchant warrior

Together we’re Reinventing Retail™