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Your in-store checkout just got a whole lot better.

Our platform powers retailers with an award-winning mobile checkout experience that busts queues and combats labor shortage challenges.

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Mobile Self-Checkout

Enhance your in-store experience with mobile checkout solutions—everyone wins!

  • No more lines, ever again
  • Prioritize customer service and sales
  • No apps, logins, or passwords needed
  • More options, more payments & less stress
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How it Works

How it Works

Fast shopping,rnfaster payments.

Prioritize your customers by letting them shoprnat their own pace and pay their way.

icon_scan Scan Pick up & scan any product barcode in-store
icon_pay Pay Pay with one of the many payment options available
icon_go Go Simply present your digital receipt for scanning and be on your way

Seamlessly integrated.

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Go paperless with our scannable digital receipts – all stored right on your phone.

Validate purchases with our 2-way scannable receipt system. Get real-time visibility over transactions and link staff directly to customer purchases. Give shoppers peace of mind by providing them with detailed digital receipts, stored right on their phone.

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Find out what we have in-store for merchants.

For merchants
For shoppers
Invaluable analytics — right at your fingertips
Track customer data and purchase history, for retargeting and security opportunities
Revitalize your service with a customer-focused team.
Move your team from behind the register to in front of the customer as you build a better business with stronger relationships
Reduce the wait and boost your bottom line
Long lines eat into revenue, whether it’s lost conversions, fewer transactions, or abandoned purchases. With TAGR, there’s no reason to miss out on a potential sale
Boost sales with higher conversions and cart values.
Using TAGR increases purchase frequency across the board. Simpler shopping leads to more purchases
Shop within minutes, pay within seconds
Simplify the checkout process for your customers with our intuitive tech. No apps, no downloads, just tapping your way to better shopping
Save time, skip the line
Standing in line is a thing of the past. With TAGR, your shopping experience is always on your schedule
Your information — stored, secure & accessible
Your payment details, store receipts, and purchase history are all completely secure in the cloud
Your checkout, your choice
Every major payment option right at your fingertips. Choose between options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, BNPL, and many more

See our mobile self-checkout in action.

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